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2nd Grade
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    Grammar & Writing 2 - You Teach Kit


    Grammar & Writing 2 - You Teach Kit contains everything you need to teach Grammar & Writing 2 from the comfort of your own home. With an exciting curriculum both children and parents love, homeschooling has never be...

    WORLDkids Magazine Annual Membership


    Our children are exposed to tens of thousands of media messages a week, influencing the way they think and act, competing for their allegiance. WORLDkids is a safe and fun tool that provides them healthy pathways t...

    Shurley English Level 2 Student Workbook


    STOP! Don`t even consider anything else. This program is simply the best with which we are familiar. Shurley Homeschool Student Workbook, Level 2...

    Shurley English Level 2 Practice Booklet


    Includes practice audio CDs and the booklet. Two audio CDs rehearse the answers to the practice sentences, allowing older children to work more independently....

    Shurley Level 2 Practice Booklet


    Highly recommended! Save yourself the time involved in writing out the practice sentences from the Teacher`s Manual. This booklet contains the introductory and practice sentences for each chapter....

    Shurley English Level 2 Homeschooling Kit


    The most astounding and effective grammar program available. The children learn jingles to memorize the parts of speech, enabling and encouraging them to chant till they start dreaming grammar lessons. The program i...

    Bible Heroes: Writing Lessons in Structure & Style


    A great tool for IEW practice....

    Anc History-Based Writing Lessons Student


    A great tool for IEW practice....

    Teaching Writing; Structure and Style Practicum Workbook (2015)


    An essential component of the TWSS seminar, this syllabus will serve as a reference for you for many years to come. Purchase a copy for each participant....

    Punctuation Takes a Vacation


    Not everyone loves grammar. This clever light-hearted lesson of punctuation basics is presented so well that students will read it for fun over and over again- and maybe even learn to love grammar. Where would punct...

Showing 16 Results
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Items 1-10 of 16

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