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12th Grade
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    Fiction Writing Workshop - Live Course Kit


    Fiction Writing Workshop - Live Course Kit contains everything your student needs for Fiction Writing Workshop....

    WORLD Magazine Annual Membership for Students


    Our children are exposed to tens of thousands of media messages a week, influencing the way they think and act, competing for their allegiance. WORLD is a safe and fun tool that provides them healthy pathways to ...

    Elegant Essay Writing Lessons: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing - Student Book


    Extra student book for teaching The Elegant Essay: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing....

    Elegant Essay Teacher Combo


    Now in its third edition, The Elegant Essay walks students through the entire essay-building process. The student book includes instruction, practice exercises, modeling, and grade sheets. The separate teachers manu...

    Institute for Excellence in Writing Student Writing Intensive Continuation, Course C


    Continues where the Student Writing Intensive ends, with ten more lessons and a final test. Includes: Nine DVDs A CD-ROM to print the materials Printed Student Packet...

    Institute for Excellence in Writing: Advanced Communication Series


    These three videos-Persuasive Writing and Speaking (103 min.), Advanced Note Taking: A Dynamic Key Word Approach (96 min.), and Power Tips for Planing and Writing a College Level Paper (116 min.)-are just what the...

    Vocab from Classical Roots B Tests


    The tests for use with Vocab from Classical Roots B Student, answers included. Soft, 35p....

    Vocab from Classical Roots B Teacher's Manual


    The teacher’s manual for use with Vocab from Classical Roots B Student, including all answers, additional information for teachers, and numerous games. Soft, 110p....

    Vocabulary from Classical Roots B Student


    What better way to teach students new vocabulary and prepare them for the PSAT/SAT than by studying important Greek and Latin roots! Each lesson in Level B introduces a set of 15 words derived from two or more class...

    Our Mother Tongue Answer Key


    Great review material for parents and students alike. Early chapters cover the parts of speech and diagramming of sentences. If you have a student who has never mastered the English language, then this is a great ...

Showing 16 Results
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Items 1-10 of 16

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